Thursday, September 13, 2007

Selecting multiple records from a grid in MS CRM 3

Using isv.config customizations you can add buttons to the menybar above a grid (next to "More Actions"). A special technique has to be used to fetch the selected records and Ronald Lemmen wrote some about it this summer, here: . I had reason to try it and ran into problems when the url of the file containing the javascript was on a different server (different tcp-port has the same characteristics as a different server from an IE viewpoint). The window.dialogArguments was null. I tried to modify the settings in IE but found no way of getting around the problem except for setting up a virtual directory bellow the CRM-site containing the html-file.

So, if you run into similar problems, try moving the html-file to a directory on the same server (from an IE standpoint).



  1. det är för att förhindra cross site scripting Gustav dvs helt enligt design

  2. Translation:
    This is to restrict cross site scription Gustav, in other word according to design.

    I realize that there normally should be blocks against this, however, I would like to, in Trusted Sites or Local Intranet Sites, for instance, enable this anyway. If you know that there exists a setting that will affect this, please let us know!