Friday, June 15, 2007

Off topic: I am now a father!

17:03 on the 12:th of june, my wife gave birth to my first child, a beautiful little girl! She has been named Liv Nora Hogseth Westerlund, Nora being her primary name.

So, if you find this blog to be a bit slow the next few weeks, please have a look at the pictures at my private website, and you will understand why this is so.

Gustaf Westerlund
Father & CRM and SharePoint Consultant

Humandata AB


  1. Congratulations! My wife and I had our second a few months ago and all I can say is that the adventures in parenthood only get better as you go along!

    (p.s. I love your blog!)

  2. Thank you! I expect it will be!

    I am very happy that you like my blog! I will make sure to write some more as soon as I can.

  3. Belated congratulations with your newborn baby girl and I can asure you it brings a lot of joy.

    Mine is 35 now ;)
    but I still can remember and I am at the age now I get nostalgic thinking about that time.

    Lots of happiness and greetings from a mother of one and grandmother of two girls from The Netherlands!

  4. Thank you Chia,
    I look forward to seeing (and taking part) of here growing up and before I know it, I guess she'll be 35 aswell :).

  5. Belated congratulations from Menno a.k.a MSCRM Freak!

    Enjoy all the sleepless nights... :)

  6. Thank you Menno!

    My daughter is acctually (at least so far) very kind during the nights and we have are setting up strict eating schedules.

    For you who don't live in Sweden it might be interesting to know that we have excellent parent leave conditions here.

    I, as a father, get 10 free days off (payed by the state) when the baby is born. Then we as parents get to share a total of about 460 payed parent leave days that we can use until the child is 8 years old. My wife (works with Technical Pre Sales at Ericsson) is planning to be on parent leave from june 1:st 2007 to 30:th april 2008. Then I will be off on parentleave from 1:st may until 31:st aug.

    The pay you get isn't your full salary but is sufficient.

    So, I count myself lucky to be being a parent in Sweden.